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Petoskey News 2014

Professional Accomplishments

  • May 2009 Graduated from Spring Arbor University with a master's degree in counseling
  • October 2009 Received his Limited License Professional Counselor (LLPC) status
  • March 2012 Earned Certified Advanced Addiction Counselor (CAADC) credentials
  • February 2013 Advanced as a fully Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • October 2013 Certified by the American Lung Association as a nicotine cessation facilitator
  • March 2014 Attained supervisor status

Casper Wurtsmith started developing his clinical experience in April 2008 as an intern for an outpatient and residential facility specializing in addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders, and he has been working in the counseling field ever since.

When in session, Casper is best known for establishing a friendly and trusting atmosphere, instilling hope and addressing problems through logic and perspective. He practices therapy under the models of REBT/CBT in collaboration with a psycho-educational approach.

REBT/CBT focuses on identifying irrational beliefs and thought patterns that cause emotional disturbances and/or self-defeating behaviors. Casper works with his clients to challenge those beliefs and establish new, more helpful thinking patterns. These theoretical models are action oriented and seek to assist clients with their concerns in an efficient and effective manner.

When Casper is not in the office, he enjoys all the outdoor activities Michigan has to offer. He is passionate about music and sports and loves spending time with his family. He is also an advocate for people with disabilities as well as servicemen and servicewomen.

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