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HIPPA Rights and Disclosures

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Our specialty is telehealth counseling

Software needs


North Star Community Counseling uses VSEE software, which is encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Better yet, it's FREE. To learn more about VSEE or to download the free software, go to Software downloads also are available for tablets and other mobile devices from VSEE.


We process telehealth payments through PayPal.

​As our community's need for mental health services continues to grow, the need for alternatives to traditional face-to-face counseling must also expand.

Fortunately, technological advances have allowed us to add more counseling approaches, including telehealth services!

What is telehealth?

Telehealth services are similar to traditional or "in-person" counseling, except that each session takes place over the Internet using secure, encrypted software (similar to Skype or FaceTime) OR over the telephone.


  • Flexibility to schedule beyond typical "business hours"
  • Accessibility for those with barriers (disabilities, transportation, child care)
  • Increase in choices for those residing in rural areas
  • Comfort for clients with social anxiety
  • Elimination of visibility entering/leaving a counseling office


  • Not available for those with a history of severe mental health issues or suicidal/homicidal ideations
  • Some confidentiality limitations
  • Potential for connection to be interrupted and/or disconnected
  • Potential for miscommunication due to lack of body language/facial expression restrictions and/or misinterpretation of tone of voice and/or inflection